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At Crucible Performance, we change people from the inside out. We empower people shine bright and to thrive by adopting our “Cherish The Challenge” mindset.

What We Do:

Just as our mission says, we change people from the inside out.  Not only do we want to help you become a world class athlete, but more importantly we want you to become a world class person.  At Crucible, we empower you with the tools it takes to become the best version of yourself while developing our "Cherish The Challenge" mindset!

If you have been looking to excel both mentally and physically on and off the field, you are in the perfect place. Our high energy culture will undoubtedly infuse you with added confidence, energy, enthusiasm and desire to always do your best! 

What People are saying

Todd Durkin - Owner, Fitness Quest 10

Chase Hoffman - Shepherd Baseball

Dawn - Crucible Mom

John - Crucible Dad

Luke Pryor - Crucible Athlete


How Has Crucible Changed Your Life?

Jenna Knable Crucible Performance Athlete

Jenna Knable

"Being a part of Crucible Performance and the atmosphere that it generates has completely changed my mindset on life. I have not only become a better athlete, but a better leader, a better student, and a better instructor. Crucible Performance has empowered me to figure out my why, and to cherish the challenge everyday!" 

- Jenna Knable,
Head Coach Hagerstown CC Softball


Jenn Lormand

I cannot say ENOUGH good things about Ryan and his team! The ENERGY that they bring to each session is amazing and I love that they Build up these kids and make them feel Strong and Confident! You will notice a difference in your kid not just on the field but more importantly you will see a change in their confidence at school and at home! They are THE BEST!

- Jenn Lormand, Owner Ascension Fitness

Christina Crucible Performance

Christina Corsetty

"What can I say about Ryan...he has been a wonderful trainer. Ryan has a big heart and cares about what he does and who he trains. I am so glad to see him chasing his dream. He was meant to do this and will do an amazing job. He has inspired so many to do the things that they never believed they could do...I am one of those! I wish you all the best, friend. God has blessed you with a wonderful gift...share it proudly"

- Christina Corsetty

Gretchen Crucible Performance

Gretchen Thérèse

"Amazing training. The passion for people combined with professional excellence is the reason I plan on hiring Ryan to get me in my best conditioning in years. As a former personal trainer, I can tell you that you're in great hands here!"

- Gretchen Thérèse

Watkins Crucible Athlete

Watkins Family

"I have the honor to be a youth coach to my sons, Will and Declan and many other tremendous young boys I feel blessed to have this oppurtunity coaching and to be connected to Ryan Morse.  Ryan walks the walk and I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a role model for their child to experience Ryan and his mission.  He accomplishes this with his enthusiasm, knowledge and proactive approach.  The Watkins family has got nothing but love for Crucible Performance."

- The Watkins Family

Stephanie Krop

Stephanie Krop


Not only is Ryan a tremendously skilled trainer, he is a man of outstanding character. He loves his work and the benefits of his constant pursuit of improvement are passed along to each client. I highly recommend him for any training needs. If you have kids or teenagers, you can rest assured that they will be poured into and experience positive changes athletically and personally.

- Stephanie Krop

Tyeryar Family Crucible Performance

Tyeryar Family


"We've been part of Crucible since it started. I can't say enough good things about Ryan and Crucible Performance. He is there mentally and physically for my boys. He knows exactly what each child needs for their sport. We absolutely LOVE Crucible! Gettin their minds right, 1% better everyday! SNAP THAT BAND!"

- Tyeryar Family

Adam Crucible Performance

Adam Chaney

"One of the top strength coaches in Maryland! More importantly an absolute awesome person to be around."

- Adam Chaney

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