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WhY is the Crucible Experience Different?

Crucible is a UNIQUELY DIFFERENT experience! Our energy and contagious enthusiasm is second to none! While everyone else is focused purely on getting their athletes bigger, faster and stronger… we are focused on lighting a fire from within and changing ours from the inside out! We want to empower our athletes with our “Cherish The Challenge” Mindset so that they can be confident in any situation they are in to make great decisions!

We want our athletes running towards the challenges and crucibles of life because those are the times we are being refined and are getting better!

THE RESULT… an athlete who is more confident in who they are, amplified work ethic, makes great decisions when it is toughest to make them, AND they become faster, stronger and better at not only their sport… but every challenge they attack!


We Train:

Small Groups

Time to ignite the fire within?

Our Small Group Training is full of a contagious energy, high fives, smiles, and athletes learning to push themselves to their next level! We want all of our athletes leveling up in every area of their life! Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Each athlete is given a detailed program, designed for their specific physical needs based on their training age, sport, movement patterns and overall goals.

We love pushing our athletes out of their comfort zone and showing them that we really do grow through the crucibles and challenges of life! Our training isn’t focused on lighting a fire under their feet… but more importantly a fire on the inside!


We Train:


Team in need of a spark?

Our Team Training empowers teams and organizations to thrive at their highest level both on and off the field! We build teams the same way we build our athletes… from the inside out. Performing at a world-class level means that everyone in the organization is working together at their peak physically, fearlessly, with trust, and a servant-leader mentality.

We want to help your team take the next step from being a “Good Team” to being a “Great Team”, while empowering each athlete to be a leader on and off the field!

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