Things You Should Read

This weekend was an outstanding weekend of eating, family and fun!  Although many of you might disagree with me, there can never be enough time invested with loved ones.  Finding the time to invest in your family and things that truly matter is imperative to becoming the person you were designed to be!

Below are some articles that I have read that I have found to be great reads for getting our minds right for the week!  Ideally this will be coming out on Monday, but I got to it a day late with all the holidays!

30 Seconds of Undivided Attention - This was an outstanding article written by Tony Bonvechio, who works for Cressey Sports Performance.  It is a great article about getting our minds set for training and not only physically preparing for success, but also the mental side.  It is usually not the body that breaks down first, but rather the mind!

Craig Kimbrel, 95MPH, How He Got There - Craig Kimbrel is one of the most devastating pitchers in the MLB.  He is hands down one of my favorite pitchers of the time and this is a great article on how he overcame adversity.  Another great mindset article for the week that can be applied not only to baseball, but whatever your craft is!

Podcast : Lt Gen George Flynn - Okay, so this isn't something that you will read... but man is it a great listen!  I downloaded this and couldn't turn it off!  Getting the opportunity to listen to great leaders about leadership is worth it's weight in gold!  Do yourself a favor and listen to this in the morning instead of the ever depressing news!  I am sure there is a least one golden nugget in there for everyone!


Ryan Morse