Things You Should Read - 2/24/2017

Another busy week, but how about this weather!  It feels like I am back in sunny San Diego and it has me fired up and ready to change some lives!  I have had lots of great moments this week including getting the opportunity to talk with Frederick County Public School Physical Education teachers.  Wow!  What a feeling that was being able to get some of the real difference makers in the world fired up!  Keep finding way to make an impact each and every day!  As I like to do, I have gathered a couple things together for you that I found beneficial this past week!  

Benefits of In-Season Training - I wrote this earlier in the week because I was receiving lots of questions from parents and athletes about whether training in season was a good thing or not.

Alternative Uses For J-Bands - This is actually the second installment that Eric Cressey from Cressey Sports Performance put together on alternative uses for J-Bands.  Being that it is baseball season, you will see them at every baseball field! Stretch your mind and implement some of these into your pregame warm ups

Stop Choosing Teams Because Your Friend Plays There - I played college baseball with Dan and he is now running a world class facility out in Normal, Illinois where he is making huge impacts with his Warbird Senators program!  This is a great article on the psychology of where you should play and more importantly why!

With that, have an amazing weekend!  I challenge you to be the most positive person you know!  make each and every person better for having encountered you this weekend! 

Cherish The Challenge


Ryan Morse