33 Birthday Gratitude Thoughts!

The first thing I thought of on this birthday morning was how I am beyond grateful for the life that I am living. Just like yours, it has been filled with ups, downs, sideways, crazy-ways and have been thrown more curveballs than I can count! But through it all, I am beyond blessed.

I think it is important that we celebrate these and take a consistent inventory of all the things that we are grateful for! The world loves to get us to compare our lives to those who have more and how our lives don’t stack up to the “highlight reel” social media that we see.

So I decided to fight back and punch that stinkin’ thinkin’ in the face and write out 33 things that I am grateful for since it is my 33rd birthday!

 I challenge you to do the same! Take a read of mine and it might start sparking some ideas of all the wins and gratitude opportunities you have as well!

Here we go!


33 Things I am Grateful For! 

1.    My Faith and Savior– The constant forgiveness He provides while guiding me through the toughest days of my life MUST be the number 1. My decision to follow Jesus has and will forever be my single greatest decision

2.    Stephanie– Where would I be without my other biggest rock in my life? My wife has supported me unconditionally and through every up and down. My rock and better half!

3.    Aria– My daughter! Blows me away that I get to say that! She has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. 2 months old today! And yes… already wrapped around her finger!

4.    My Parents– I mean, c’mon… can I really leave them off? 

5.    Joey, Jesse, Tyler– These guys have been amazing as we have built Crucible up these past 3 years. They have all played special roles and special times and I am forever grateful for the sacrifices they have made to make sure that Crucible thrives!

6.    Crucible Performance– I’m grateful that I get to go to a place, each and every day, that I am beyond excited to go to. Being able to do something that makes my soul sing each day is something I don’t take for granted!

7.    Crucible Family– I am grateful for each and every person that has walked through our doors and has trusted us to have an impact in their and their family’s lives. Humbed!

8.    You!– You made it this far and I am grateful for that!

9.    2018 Crucibles– The challenges and adversity of 2018 was some of the toughest I have ever had to face… but I grew from them. I grew as a business owner, husband, friend and leader. While going through them was beyond challenging, I am forever grateful it happened!

10.  Coach Franklin– Frederick County’s Teacher of the Year, but also a Coach, Mentor and Friend. He believed in me and pushed me when many didn’t. Thank you!

11.  My New Townhome– First home buy… 9 days before Aria was born. Grateful

12.  My Bills– Yes! I am grateful for them! I GET TO pay my bills. I am blessed to be in a spot that I GET TO pay the bills for Crucible and my home.

13.  FCF Church– What an amazing place filled with amazing people. Love having a great place to go each and every Sunday and having the opportunity to serve the High Schoolers!

14.  My Siblings– Kyle, Shelley, Caroline, Candace, Susanna, Madeline. You rock

15.  Social Media– As mad as it makes me often, it is also an outlet that I can spread light, positivity and our Cherish The Challenge Mindset. It has already allowed me to reach so many more people than I would have otherwise

16.  Ability to Workout– I love working out. If you have ever been injured, you know how big of a blessing it is just being able to move!

17.  Mentors – Thank you for everything you have ever done and will continue to do!

18.  TD Mastermind and Team– Ya’ll are rock stars and am blessed to be part of such an amazing community of people.

19.  Coffee – Duh

20.  Sunrises/Sunsets– God sure creates some beautiful scenes if we look up and take notice! I got to see the most beautiful sunrise this morning. Awesome

21.  Those Who Said I Couldn’t– Thanks for fueling the fire!

22.  Baseball – I go to play baseball for a long time and have some amazing friendships and memories because of it.

23.  Books– Thanks to all the authors who write so much awesome stuff! Blessed to be able to learn and grow!

24.  Podcasts– Same here! Love to learn and podcasts have been a gamechanger!

25.  My Swole-Mates– My Friday morning Bible-Study group. These guys make me better and challenge me to be a better leader, husband, friend each day.

26.  Will, Meg, Liam– Not blood, but might as well be. Thankful for our friendship that has been growing for 20+ years.

27.  All my Crucibles– Life has a way of challenging you! I am thankful I have had the challenges in my life that forced me to grow! 

28.  The Beach– Man I love the beach!

29.  Protein Shakes– Simple drinks of goodness

30.  Ability To Give– There is nothing better than giving, and I am blessed to be able to give. I want to be able to give MORE, but am excited with what God has allowed me to do thus far!

31.  My Truck– The truck might only have 1 mirror, no A/C or Heat, rust all over, rattles, leaks when it rains… but it gets me where I need to go! 250K miles and going! 

32.  Dave Ramsey Financial Peace– What a life changing course that I took which fundamentally changed how I deal with my personal and business finances. Thank you to Lisa and Dan who introduced us! (I am actually trying to set something up to be able to do this at Crucible soon!)

33.  Alarm Clock– I love when it goes off in the morning! It means I have been blessed with another opportunity to live my divine purpose and be a lighthouse! Love each and every breath and heart beat I get!

Ryan Morse