5 Traps That Are Killing Your Team!

So many organizations want to thrive and be the best, but often times fall very short. We have found that there are five common traps that many teams, organizations, families and businesses fall into that destroy their chances of becoming what they dream to be!

Take a quick read below to see if your organization, team, family or business is falling into any of these traps!

  1. Poor Communication

    With technology on the rise and face to face communication on the decline, the lack of communication is killing organizations and families. The skills of talking and communicating have greatly decreased and are needing to be taught more and more. Try and have family dinners together as a family, or get togethers in your business to cultivate these relationships.

  2. Gossip

    Gossip can kill a team from the inside out. There is NEVER a good time for gossip and you must kill it before it kills the team.

  3. Unresolved Disagreement

    Disagreement can be a good thing if you let it be! In today’s day in age, it has gotten harder and harder to disagree. Learning to be more Curious and approaching with less of the mentality of Criticizing can help this. Choose to grow from the disagreement and find a way to find an amazing solution! Refuse to let a simple disagreement fester under the surface!

  4. Lack of a Shared Vision

    We all might be working extremely hard, but if we aren’t moving in the same direction for the same reasons, we won’t make it very far! As a leader, you must set the vision for the team, company or family. Where are you heading and why are you heading there? With a common and shared vision, it makes it much easier to make the tough decisions that drive the team in the same right direction.

  5. Lack of an Excellence Standard

    Whatever you allow becomes the standard. If you want to have a great team, business, organization or family, you must have an excellence standard. What is your team all about? What do you allow? How do you handle adversity? How do you handle success? We must know how we want to deal with all these and then hold our team to that standard. We can say whatever we want, but the standard becomes whatever we allow.

We would love to know which one of these hits home for you! Be sure to let us know if you would like us to come and talk with your team or organization. We love coming and helping organizations grow to their next level!