525,600 Minutes

I am a sucker for a good movie. I don’t know why, but I love sitting down and watching a story unfold, whether it be an action, comedy, thriller or even a great musical.

The other night, I sat down and watched the live rendition of RENT, which aired on primetime television. I was first introduced to RENT in college when the movie version of the play came out. For whatever the reason, I was drawn in.  I was blown away by the talent of the musicians and couldn’t help but bounce my head every time they began a new song.

I give credit to the opening song for capturing my heart and attention. The song is entitled “Season of Love” and sang about having 525,600 minutes in a year to spend. I remember thinking, “Wow, that’s a lot of minutes!” As you dive further into the movie, you quickly realize that the characters view this time as a gift, because their time is ticking and running short. 

If I could pick the number one most memorable quote from my father growing up, it would be “Life is the decisions you make.” Hindsight, he couldn’t be more right. Each and every day we have a series of decisions of how to live those 525,600 minutes which will ultimately determine the direction of our lives.

So many of us say we “don’t have enough time”, but each and every year, we are gifted the same number of minutes.  Each and every year we get about 525,600 minutes to do what we want with. We can spend the time, waste the time, or invest the time!  So how will you use the gift of time that you have been blessed with?

Let me give some thoughts on how you can best invest your 525,600 minutes!

Spend time with people you love.  

When you think back on years of the past, the big memories and moments that stand are usually times spent with loves ones and those we are closest with.  Invest your time into those you love most and creating more of those fun memories!

Let the past be the past.

It has already passed, so don’t waste another moment worrying or stressing about what could have been! Focus on what you can control and trust that there is a bigger purpose and plan even when it is hard to see!

Be relentlessly positive.

I am going to challenge you to be the most positive person you know. CHOOSE to be positive in the way you think, act and speak! More minutes spent with a positive mindset will make a huge difference!

Small steps still count

Small steps forward still count as progress! No more wasted minutes standing still and not moving towards your dreams.  The best time to take action is now. It doesn’t matter how big of a step, just that you take a step! No more wasted minutes waiting for the right time. The right time is now! 


Relax and remember to enjoy life! I don’t know anyone who felt worse after having a good laugh!

Dream Big!

One of the best ways you can invest your time is by dreaming! Put the phone down and take time to think and dream about your life! We get distracted and mindlessly turn to our phones for entertainment, therefore never dreaming. It will be uncomfortable at first, but give it a try!

Attitude of Gratitude

The more time I spend being grateful, the better I feel. The world wants to remind you of all the negativity in the world, but we really do have lots to be grateful for! Spend some time every morning and night reflecting on all you have to be grateful for.

Being You!

The best way to invest your time is by being you! Social media, the news, the world will try and push you to become someone you are not. Stand strong and let your light shine bright for all the world to see! Take the restrictions off of yourself and live the life you were meant to live!

You have the opportunity to re-write your story if you don’t like direction it is going. Each and every decision you make is another opportunity to live the life you designed to live! This year is going to give us roughly 525,600 minutes to write the story, so make sure those minutes count!