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3 Lessons From The Military

My brother Kyle is a recently promoted Captain in the Air Force, doing some amazing things to help this country. It is amazing to sit back and watch him as he has grown up into the man and leader that he is. We are blessed to have had the opportunity to steal some of his time as he was in town for our sister Shelley’s wedding.

When I asked him to come up with a Top Lesson Learned list, he without hesitation, boiled it down to 3 things.

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5 Reasons You Must Train During Season

With most spring sports right around the corner, I have been receiving lots of questions on in-season training and whether it is a good idea or not.

 Short answer: IT IS IMPERITIVE to train during your season!

 If you wanting to be successful long term, you MUST train during season. With that being said, I see a lot of people drop all training once season begins.  I think this is for a couple of reasons.

 The first reason is time.

The second reason is parents trying to do the right thing, but with a lack of information.

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5 Lessons We Can Learn From Tom Brady

Whenever I see high achievers in anything, whether it is business, sports, relationships, or life… I try and study it and learn what they are doing. I do this because I was to excel and thrive in all those same areas of my life as well! I realized I had to make a mindset change and begin to learn everything I could from them if I wanted to get to where they are.

So now when I see Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Nick Saban, Geno Auriemma win another National Championship or Super Bowl, I smile. I smile because I know there are lessons that I can learn from them! 

Here are my Top 5 Lessons I learned from our most recent Super Bowl with the Patriots, yet again winning!

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Top In-Season Recovery Tips

At higher levels, the things that separate the good athletes from the great ones are the little things.  Most athletes will show up for their game, play, head home and that is it.  In reality, we need to be taking care of ourselves during the season!  During season is when the injuries occur, many of which are preventable.  Below are our Top 5 tips for staying on top of your In-Season Recovery!

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