12 Don't Series - Part 1

Coach Joey is back at it again, bringing you another article on how to keep you mind right and on track!  This is just part 1, stay tuned to get the rest of the 12 step process!


"Don't" is used to describe a regulation that forbids something. In the human vocabulary we often use the word "do" to dictate a positive behavior. The word "Don't" is virtually extinct when referring to a positive behavior.  However, I have put together a twelve "Don't" series to live by in your every day life. As hard as it is to believe, these "Don'ts" are going to shy out the negative behaviors we can find ourselves guilty of. Every one wants to be successful but not every one wants to sacrifice the negative behaviors that bring nothing to their lives. Here are the first three "Don'ts" in the series:

1.     Don't waste time feeling sorry for yourself

Ask yourself this question, how do you react to something not going in your favor? Do you crumble and feel sorry for yourself? Do you shy away from the challenge to get better? Or do you stand up and look to face that challenge? It is very easy to feel on top of the world whenever everything is going right. We have to bring out our true inspiration and self-motivation. Do whatever it takes to climb out of that hole you get in and battle!

2.     Don't waste your power

God has put everyone on this earth for a purpose. Have you found your purpose or true calling in life? If you have, go after it! Don’t be afraid of a little blood, sweat, and tears to get where you want to be! If you have not found what your purpose is, find out what exactly that is. You probably ask, how do I find out who I am? Tell yourself this, no one knows you better than YOU! Only you know who you are, and what you are destined to do. Find your inner power and don’t put it to waste. Don’t rely on someone else to tell you what hat power is. Make your dreams become a reality, don’t settle for a mindless job that makes someone else’s dreams become a reality.

3.     Don't shy away from change

It is as simple as this everyone, if you are not where you want to be, you are going to have to change how you operate. Maybe your routine isn’t correct, chances are if you are not where you want to be or on the right path of getting where you want to be, you are not maximizing your time and effort. I know it is hard to get away from the tv, or video games, but if you have all of these dreams you want to achieve, is that stuff really helping you reach those goals? The harsh answer is no, too much time is being wasted. Time isn’t the only thing we can change, look at your diet, sleep, family time, exercising. It can be anything, but we can’t be afraid to make some changes to our routine.


The next Crucible post will contain the next three “don’ts” of this series. Between now and the next post, compare these ideas with what is really happening in your life. Wake up every day with a passion and purpose for what you are achieving. Get your mind right and cherish the challenge! Coach Ryan and I love all of you guys! God Bless!

Ryan Morse